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This is for those of us who have a very good English pronunciation (who can speak in a most American accent)

What is the job?
Audiobook making/Narrating

How does it do? is the most popular site to earn by making audiobook. First, you have to create a profile of yours in Acx and keep some sample recordings there. ACX has a huge list of books that need to be made audiobooks and new books are being added to this list every day. You can select the books you like from here. Then have to give an audition for that book. If you say it in a simple way, you have to submit a record of 5-6 minutes of the book. If you are selected in audition then the author / right holder will send you an offer to record the book. Now your job is to accept the offer, record the book, deliver the job to the author / right holder, and understand your payment.

How can the income be from here?
Acx usually pays in 3 ways. It depends on how the author / right holder wants to make payment.
1. You will get a certain amount for recording the whole book.
2. Royalty share. In this case, as many times the audiobook you made will be sold, share it with the author / right holder. For example, if your audiobook is sold for $ 8 you will get $ 4 and the author / right holder will get $ 4 If the audiobook is sold 100 times a month, your monthly earning is $ 400.
If you want 3. author / right holder, you can pay another way. That’s Per-Finished-Hour (PFH). Guess the author / right holder will pay you $ 100 for every 1 hours of recording. You will take 8 hours to record the whole book. So your total payment is 8 x$ 100 =$ 800.

Do you need equipment?
I have told you before that your English pronunciation of this work should be good enough. Next you need –
1. A professional microphone. Premium recording is not possible in any way with the microphones that are in cheap / headphone.
2. A good over-ear headphone; which will help you listen and edit your recording.
3. Audio editing software. I will suggest audacity here. It’s free and enough for your work.
4. A quiet place where you will do your recording and there will be no sound to play twelve of your record.

This was about audiobook making in today’s post.
Note: I don’t work in this sector; the post is written only to share my little knowledge. So if you want to know any more information, google it on your own responsibility, you will get a lot more good resources. Thank you for reading until the end.

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