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About URANIUM CASH | Who are we?

Today, in a crisis, like never before, we see the importance of preserving and increasing our capital.

In times of globalization, transcontinental business and epidemics, blockchain technology is what literally amazes with its activity, the bitcoin rate has grown to $ 22,000 . We at URANIUM CASH have always believed in the power of modern blockchain, which is why for the last 7 years our team has been investing and studying this area closely. Passion, knowledge and money.

During this time, as investors, we managed to earn more than $ 10,000,000 , but in 2020 we felt that favorable conditions had come for attracting additional capital. Simultaneously with our own investments in trading on crypto-exchanges, we have created an entire ecosystem capable of accumulating funds, small amounts of individuals (investors) into entire pools for making profitable speculative transactions for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies.

This ecosystem has been successfully operating since 2020 and has fully justified itself, because our portfolio already has thousands of successful deals. Every potential investor is obliged to ask: What is the guarantee or what is the chance that your speculative transactions will bring a loss? – Quite honestly, and we answer with confidence, of course there is a chance to make a number of unsuccessful transactions that will lead to losses, but according to our experience and statistics, the option to get losses is so unlikely, like the fact that a person can die falling out of bed in a dream.

We thought for a long time about how to develop this successful experience of cryptocurrency transactions, in the end we decided to create a public platform that combines the private capital of small investors and our investment opportunities.

Our logic is simple: if we, as a company, have been successful, then why not try the open participation model. This is how our new platform with huge successful experience appeared – URANIUM CASH.

How to work with us – just three steps!

  1. Register your account or log in through the mail, Gmail, vk service.
  2. Get acquainted with your personal account, watch how to profit from bonuses is accrued every second.
  3. Choose a method of replenishing the balance, after replenishing the balance, watch your profit grow every second!

Answers to popular questions

What is Uranium Cash?
  • The company is engaged in trading and speculation in the promising cryptocurrency market through online exchanges.
How old is the company?
  • The team has been working since 2014, but publicly we started accepting funds from private investors in 2020.
How many employees are there?
  • The company officially employs 43 people.
Could there be a loss from this type of earnings?
  • Every dollar is backed by a liquid asset in the form of a cryptocurrency that we can sell at any time and return the funds to investors.
What is the company’s benefit?
  • We take our commission on profit.
I want to become an investor how can I do it?
  • Register – top up balance.
Can I create multiple accounts?
  • According to the rules, you can create only one account, otherwise you may be denied access to the site.
I forgot my personal account password, what should I do?
  • Go to Login – Password Recovery.
What to do with passive income investment bonuses?
  • This asset is given by our company for advertising purposes, every second you will receive income, and you can also increase by inviting friends.
What payment systems are on the site?
  • Bank cards, Qiwi, Yandex money, Perfect Money, Payeer, cryptocurrencies.
Can I invest multiple times?
  • Yes, of course you can top up your account as many times as you like
What is the minimum and maximum investment amount?
  • Minimum $ 0.10, Maximum $ 30,000
How will the profit be calculated?
  • Automatically every second to your balance.
How long does it take to withdraw?
  • Terms of withdrawal up to 24 hours, but in practice, withdrawal is carried out in 1-2 hours.
Which payment systems can I withdraw funds to?
  • Bank cards, Qiwi, Yandex money, Perfect Money, Payeer.
How does the affiliate program work?
  • Three levels 7% \ 3% \ 1% of EVERY balance top-up, for life.
What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 1.

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Uranium Cash

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