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Ways to share screens on Facebook Messenger

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From now on you can share screen of your device if you want while talking in video calls with colleagues or friends on Facebook Messenger. Facebook has unveiled this new feature in Messenger’s Android and iOS apps. The Messenger desktop app and web version also allow you to share your phone or computer screen with others when making video calls via Facebook messages. At this time, everything you do on your phone or computer, everything on the screen can be seen by others connected to the video call. If you want, you can show the different pictures in the photo gallery of your phone to others, you can share them while playing games, you can go to the shop site and discuss it together when shopping online, etc.

Screen sharing can be done with 8 people through Messenger group video call and with 16 people in Messenger Rooms video conference. This number will increase in the future, Facebook said. Who will be able to share the screen in Messenger rooms calls can also be controlled in the future.

How do I share the screen in Messenger?

Very easy. This will require the latest version of Messenger. So update your messenger app at the beginning. Then you have to connect to the video call with the desired person in Messenger. Swipe from the bottom of the screen to the top during the call. This will bring up the call option. There you will find the ‘Share Your Screen’ option.

The next screen will have a ‘Start Sharing’ button. Clicking on that button will show you a warning message. That said, if you turn on this screen sharing feature called Screen Broadcasting, everything on your screen will be visible to others in the video call – even when notified. So if you want to hide new notifications when you get them, you can turn on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode on the phone.

How do I share screen a Facebook call on the computer?

If you make a Facebook call on your computer, you can share your computer screen by clicking on the screen-sharing icon on the call screen. These options may change over time. In that case, you have to use it carefully.

so start to share screen with friends and enjoy

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