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Master Pinterest marketing techniques to double sales

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Friends who are doing foreign trade or cross-border e-commerce may be thinking about how to better promote their products overseas so that more overseas users can see and pay attention; in the Internet age, as long as we make good use of Various online platform tools will find marketing channels everywhere. Today I will share with you how to use Pinterest to complete marketing.

Before you start Pinterest marketing you have to know at first what is Pinterest?

What is Pinterest ?

Pinterest is a picture sharing website, which can be understood as pin+interest literally, that is, pin your favorite pictures to the board with pushpins, so there are two elements of pin and board in Pinterest, you can create various The board will pin the pictures you like, in layman’s terms, it is to sort the pictures into different categories. Then these pictures can be forwarded, shared, commented, etc.

Pinterest Marketing

Benefits of using Pinterest

Due to the fact that there are so many ways and expressions for people to obtain information, especially the rise of the mobile Internet, people prefer to look at pictures compared to long-form texts, and many people say that this is the era of reading pictures; yes, pictures can be changed. Pictograms express the meaning intuitively. For us who sell products, instead of using a few hundred words to describe a product, it may not be clear, it is better to let users look at the picture, which is simple and clear.

Of course, marketing on Pinterest is also related to your industry, not all products are suitable for this platform; if you are making fashion, clothing, jewelry and other products, then boldly go online and open a Pinterest account; if You are in the chemical, industrial and other industries, so don’t try it. The editor tells you “not suitable” here.

How to operate the new account

For such a social platform, what we have to do first is to attract traffic and gather fans. Remember that this is a social platform, so the most important thing is interaction. If no one interacts with you, then doing more things will be useless. As for the new account, how to make it come alive, it also has a ranking in Pinterest like many Internet products. If you can make your product pictures rise to the homepage faster, then this exposure is understandable, of course there will be more people Click on your picture, and then it’s up to you to see how you use your picture to attract use. For new users, we can take the following steps.

1. You need to open the main account and some sub accounts, if you have the energy to maintain, you can open a few more;

2. Create a board. When choosing the name of the board, we need to consider the search keywords. You can check some keywords related to your product and combine them to grow tail words; (For keywords, you can use the search association words in Pinterest, similar (Like Baidu and Google Lenovo words) In addition, when creating Pinterest, you must choose according to the category, which can also provide users’ click-through rate.

Pinterest Marketing

3. Create a pin (that is, upload image content). There are two ways here, one is to upload locally, and the other is to directly use online images;

Pinterest Marketing

The above three steps are the most basic process of creating content. In order to better manage the uploaded content and promote and spread it later, it is recommended that you use your main account to create and upload some image content, and then use some of your sub accounts to re -Pining the content of your main account is similar to forwarding; the advantage of using a small account to re-pin the main account content is that no one pays attention to the main account that has just started operation. After re-pining, the main account and the small Linking accounts can improve the score of the main account. This is a factor that affects the ranking. Of course, this method should not be done too much, otherwise it is easy to be banned, which is not worth the loss; so when the main account slowly starts to rank , To slowly reduce the number of small re-pins, it is still necessary to rely on keywords and content to win the likes and pins of real users, because the ranking in Pinterest generally depends on these two data.

Tips for increasing fans quickly for new accounts

1. If you have already had a lot of fans on these foreign social platforms such as facebook and Twitter before, you can connect them for a long time and guide fans on other platforms to Pinterest.

2. Invite friends to join in batches, here you can import the customer emails you have contacted before, so they will become your fans;

The content on Pinterest mainly pursues beauty and makes people enjoy the visual impact. If your product is cool and dazzling enough to lead fashion, you might as well try this platform to let your product pictures capture users’ hearts and resonate. You can build your product brand while selling products.

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